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kick butt logoSmoking Cessation Program with Hypnotherapy

In what ways does smoking impact you?

How long have you wanted to quit?

Can you imagine your life without cigarettes?

What are some things you would be to do that you can't do now?

Quitting smoking is a big deal, and may be one of the most important things you do to help yourself. If you have been wanting to quit, have tried before, or have put it off, now is a good time to reclaim your health and your life.

This 5-week program offers an empathetic, instructional, and relaxing way to help you quit smoking. It includes:

  • stress reduction
  • motivation to make a change
  • activities to install healthy habits

Five Sessions Total

Four Group Hypnosis Classes (Note: these classes can be held privately too)

Some matters are universal. Each Group Class includes 3-4 mini-hypnosis sessions that focus on the similar issues that all smokers face, such as motivation and overcoming cravings. Participants share experiences and support each other. Group classes deepen the learning and improve success. 

Plus One Individual Hypnosis Session

Some matters are private. The Individual Session is tailored for the person’s unique needs and circumstances. Details are kept confidential. Session is scheduled anytime after the first session and often is the quit date.

Quit Date

Some people quit on their own schedule and others choose a specific quit date. Either way, by being in control of the actural quitting, a person increases confidence and empowerment. It can also be helpful to plan a quit date to coincide with a special day.

Cost: $349 (group). $399 (private).

Testimonial: "I just wanted to let you know that I am still tobacco free. It's been 8 months. I still have no desire to start up smoking again. Thank you." MM, California

Benefits of Kick Butt Program

martial arts image

When you quit smoking, you are actively doing something to help yourself. Think of quitting smoking as a form of training, like a martial-artist. With that analogy, here are some other ideas to consider. For more details of the curriculum, click here.

• Recognize your opponent.

   Tobacco. Triggers.

Defend yourself

Nicotine. Cravings.

kick butt graphic3Train to be proactive.

Visualizations. Affirmations.

Relaxation. Physical Techniques.

Cultivate internal strength.

Motivation. Confidence. Self-Esteem.

Learn in appropriate environment.

Group Classes. Individual Attention.

Why is it so Hard to Quit?

  1. kick butt successHabit
  2. Cigarettes provide emotional relief
  3. Ongoing stressful life
  4. Hard to change

How does Hypnotherapy Help?

  1. Breaks habit and stops urges
  2. Addresses and satisfies emotional needs in positive and healthy ways
  3. Installs strategies for management of stress
  4. Strengthens motivation and belief that it is possible and doable to be smoke-free 

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

People start smoking because it is the “cool” thing to do.

People keep smoking because they become addicted. In addition, smoking becomes the coping mechanism to deal with worry, trauma, pain, and other stresses.

To truly kick the habit, it is important to address the underlying causes that drive a person to reach for cigarettes. Hypnosis does this very well! Through hypnosis a person addresses the addiction plus the subconscious reasons, something other methods don’t.

Ongoing Calendar

All classes held at Healing from the Heart, 2545 Zanella Way, Suite D, Chico, CA

Classes held for four consecutive weeks, and dates are flexible. Weekends and/or evenings are usually preferred.

Contact Julia to schedule.

Julia Ferre, CHT is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Smoking Cessation. Julia has been involved in the field of Health and Wellness since 1981, beginning when she kicked the habit.

Julia Ferré

“I quit smoking September 1, 1980.”





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Event Schedule 

Ongoing: Hynobirthing class, Chico, CA. Please contact Julia to schedule. Classes held on weekends. 

Ongoing: Kick Butt Stop Smoking Clinic. 5 week sessions held on demand. Please contact Julia to schedule.

Ongoing: Appointments in the Chico office for hypnotherapy and/or reiki sessions. Please contact Julia to schedule.

Zoom appointments ongoing: Please contact Julia for availability. Appointments held on weekends; note that Julia works in Pacific Standard Time Zone.