Overview of Kick Butt Smoking Cessation Program

The Kick Butt program is a specific curriculum presented sequentially. Following a progression allows clients to adopt strategies in a comprehensive manner and ensure success. Curriculum is analogous to a Martial Arts program.

  1. Recognize the opponent
  2. Self-defense
  3. Proactive strategies
  4. Internal cultivation of strength (positive thinking)
  5. Appropriate learning environment

Kick Butt program addresses specific goals.

1. Recognize the opponent

  • Tobacco is not a friend
  • Tobacco companies do not have an individual’s interests at heart. They are for profit.
  • Triggers happen and initiate reactions to reach for cigarettes

2. Self-defense

  • Learn about tobacco and what it does to the body.
  • Learn about health and how the body reacts to nicotine.
  • Learn about cravings, and the differences between minor and major cravings.
  • Learn about withdrawal and managing those first days.
  • Learn of emotions and how to respect what you feel.

3. Proactive strategies

  • Visualizations. Hypnosis session to envision life without tobacco. Diagrams that illustrate the physical body.
  • Affirmations. Positive statements for identity, change, and/or motivation. Example: “I am smoke free!”
  • Physical techniques. Foods, beverages, fragrances, deep breathing exercises, specific techniques during the week of quitting.
  • Recordings. Apps, Julia’s recordings.
  • Relaxation. Hypnosis sessions for stress relief.
  • Hypnosis techniques. Focused techniques address one issue at a time; this allows for integration and mastery of material. Each group class includes 3 to 4 hypnosis techniques, about 15 to 20 minutes long each.

4. Internal cultivation of strength (positive thinking)

  • Motivations. Identifying reasons to quit (such as family members who care and love about the person)
  • Calming techniques. Fostering deep breathing exercises to calm mind.
  • Self-esteem and confidence building exercises. Remembering prior successes as models for success.
  • Meditation or self-hypnosis. Developing soothing practices for self-awareness and growth. (Optional)

5. Appropriate Learning Environment

  • Community support. Classes with other people foster support and encourage sustained and enhanced learning. People grow from sharing experiences. In addition, hypnosis is heightened in a group setting.
  • Individual attention. Personal one-on-one session helps to monitor progress and address any unique circumstances. It also allows privacy for any sensitive issue.

Specifics of Live Program

  • 4 group classes held over 4 weeks of time
  • 1 private session held during the program or in the week afterwards
  • 10 hours instruction with over 15 hypnosis techniques



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Event Schedule 

Ongoing: Hynobirthing class, Chico, CA. Please contact Julia to schedule. Classes held on weekends. 

Ongoing: Kick Butt Stop Smoking Clinic. 5 week sessions held on demand. Please contact Julia to schedule.

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