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Moon Messages are written twice a month and arise from my spiritual practice. Everyday I take time to meditate. This is a peaceful experience that brings me comfort, relaxation, and inspiration. These moon messages are a way to transmit these ideas to elevate consciousness and personal growth.


Happy New Year January 2019

Moon message January 2019

happy new year 2019Hello friends. Happy New Year to you. I wish you peace and prosperity in 2019, along with opportunities to learn, live, and grow.

For me, this year has been long, challenging, and fulfilling. Without the great difficulties, I wouldn’t be where I am today. As I share with you some of what is going on for me, I also highlight some of the practices that have helped through this year. I hope these ideas can be of use for you too.

To recap this year, I am in the middle of graduate school, as I am studying at the University of California, Chico, to achieve my Master’s Degree in psychology with the goal of acquiring a license as a Marriage Family Therapist in California. I aspire to combine my hypnotherapy practice with my future therapy practice and integrate my spiritual values through all the counseling. In the meantime, I am living day by day, and growing through the challenges of the times.

What a year!  While I am full time during the school year in grad school, this summer, I was full time present for the passing of my mother. For three weeks, I stayed in her home and witnessed her strength and love as she prepared to die. She suffered a massive stroke that left her speechless. I visited her in the hospital every day and spent time talking with her, singing to her, and sending her loving thoughts and prayers. I cherish this summer for the healing energy for her, for my family, and for me.

The third big event this year has been the Camp Fire. I live 30 minutes from Paradise, California, which experienced a horrendous wildfire in November, 2018. My friends have lost their homes, and my neighboring town has lost its community. Even so, my part of California has gained a sense of some of those things that are important—people, lives, connection, hope, faith, and resilience. I am grieving so much and at the same time, celebrating so much. Loss happens. Gratitude happens too.

As the New Year approaches, I contemplate my own journey. I love these moon messages and miss sending them every two weeks. Even though I haven’t sent them to you this last year, I receive messages all the time. With this New Year’s message, I reflect on what these moon messages mean for me—a connection with values, with spirituality, and with the passage of time. They also represent a connection with you, the reader. I truly value that there are people who value spirituality as much as I do.

As this year 2019 begins, I remind myself of the practices that sustain me. Along with these ideas are suggestions for how to incorporate these daily practices.

1. Daily meditation. I spend time each day in quiet thought to rejuvenate, cleanse, ground and prepare for the day ahead. Even if I have only 5 minutes, it is enough. The most simple meditation is to count the breath. Here is the practice: Find a quiet place without interruption (the car works), adopt a healthy posture, and close the eyes. Breathe in and out with long slow inhales and exhales, and count backwards with each exhale. When I begin with 100 and count to 1, it takes about 25 minutes. At this rate, 20 breaths needs about 5 minutes. So I estimate that I can give myself 10 breaths almost anytime. And I always take a deep breath before doing a presentation, that takes only a moment!

2. Journaling. Meditation is an opportunity to release stress. Often, the tension leaves the physical muscles and then a peaceful feeling comes. Sometimes there are special perceptions. When they occur, I write them down. I love the insights that come during the 5 minute meditations too! Here is the practice: Carry a small notepad in the bag and take a moment to write down these messages. Keep a longer journal when time allows.

3. Observation. Every day, there are wonderful surprises that occur in the world around me. Perhaps I see certain colors, plants, animals, or words. Sometimes these things repeat. One day while walking on campus, I noticed a number of women with their hair braided into two braids, an uncommon hairstyle right now. Other times, I have seen yellow butterflies. My latest viewing has been purple cars—two yesterday, and one the day before! Weird I know, but delightful nonetheless. Here is the practice: Pay attention to interesting phenomena that show up. Enjoy the signs when they occur.

4. Manifestation. Somedays I intentionally ask for messages. Perhaps I ask to see colors. Perhaps I ask for an answer to a question. Once I walked past a for-sale sign that read, “No, this house isn’t haunted.” That was really unusual, because I was wondering if the client I had just worked with was experiencing a ghost. I love when these signs manifest because they remind me that my spiritual guides are with me. Here is the practice: Ask for signs, symbols, messages, etc. to appear. In addition, experiment with how to ask for these things to manifest. Does it help to ask generally (Can I receive something uplifting today, please?) or specific (I wonder if I’ll see a yellow taxi in the next 10 minutes?).

5. Intuition. Honestly and humbly, I seek to listen to my little voice. Here are some examples of what it says, “I really want to drink some green tea today.” “I want one cookie, not two.” “It’s time to go to bed now!” I honestly try to hear what it says and act on it. I humbly acknowledge that I don’t often go to bed on time, but that I would probably be better off if I do. On the positive side, I usually listen to my voice and get my homework done. Here is the practice: Pay attention to what that inner voice is saying. Act on the advice. Notice the benefits of heading the attention.

6. Goals. I tend to set seasonal goals, that is, goals with a certain time in mind. For example, I have daily goals and weekly goals. I have goals for the month of January before the next semester begins. It makes sense to align goals for a cycle. For the winter, I like to eat soup, so I have a goal of cooking soups for the next few months. During winter break, I have goals of soaking in a hot spring, attending yoga class twice a week, and reading Game of Thrones. Here is the practice: Look ahead to the next opportune window of time. What do I want to do? Is it realistic? Can I manage it? What are the details to get it done?

I leave you with this message for the New Year of love, peace, light, and blessings. Adonai. Julia 

Happy New Year 2018

Moon message January 2018

angel new year 2018Another year and the calendar turns. On we go, living, loving, and learning. What makes you smile as you look ahead? What has your attention?

My life is changing rapidly. My children are growing and out of the house, I am expanding my knowledge and career by being in graduate school, and my community and country are in the midst of huge unknowns. What will this year bring? Can I maintain hope? Can I envision a year with leaps of growth or merely leaps of faith?

As I look ahead to 2018, I send a message of kindness to all of you. As you know, I value angels in my life and I spend time in meditation thinking about them surrounding me. This morning, I had an opportunity to cry. I cried for the year 2017 and how it shattered a number of bubbles for me. The biggest bubble is that spirituality is not naiveté. Spirituality is not a way to wish for magic happiness or that by simply thinking life is good that everything else will fall into place. No, spirituality involves an honest observation on life, on what my values are, and on how to derive meaning from the events that are going on. By such reflection, it is possible to look at life and humbly acknowledge that there are things within my power to control and there are many things out of my personal power.

I blew a bubble today, letting go of magical spirituality.

At the same time, I had to let go of some harshness. It sure seems that the world is crazy and cruel. It sure seems that chaos and fear rule. It sure is easy to envision worst-case scenarios. These ideas hurt. Brutal reality saps life energy. How is it possible to retain any semblance of spirituality among such negativity?

I sat in meditation. I cried. I long for the days of thinking of angels and being in bliss. And then, an idea came. An idea of peace. An idea of hope. An idea of what I can do. An idea that has come before and is still helpful and relevant. What is this? Actually, it is an idea that has two parts. What are these two parts?

Prayer and fasting.

Fasting is staying within one’s limits, such as eating and drinking appropriate types and quantities of food. Fasting also involves appropriate activities, from sleeping to celebrating. Prayer is deep reflection and observation, such as honestly assessing what is working and what isn’t. Prayer involves a spiritual practice, such as meditation or yoga or an energy practice, such as Reiki or QiGong. Prayer is contemplation and paying attention to the inner process. Sure, it can involve angels and deities and other sources of inspiration and enlightenment.

I leave you with this message of moving into 2018. Maintain hope. Carry on with those practices that bring health and vitality. Avoid naiveté as well as harshness.

I reach out to you with kindness and ask you to take the steps into the New Year with me, arm in arm, hand in hand, peace aligned with peace. Julia  

Happy Winter Solstice 2017

Moon message December 2017

winter solstice angel 2017Blessings and peace to you at this darkest time of year.

May your light shine brightly!

Love and hugs.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Blessings for Thanksgiving 2017

angel i am rainbowHappy thanksgiving everyone.
May you feel peace.
May you feel safe.
May you have friends to laugh with.
May you have family members who will stick with you.
May you grow this year.
May you enjoy your blessings.
May you connect with the light inside of you.
May you be a mirror to others, so that they too can find the light inside.

Love and hugs, Julia


Earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes, oh my

Moon message NM September 2017

earth in handsAlways it is the same. Things happen in the outer world, and I wonder what in the world is happening!!! How do I find, much less maintain, stability when the world seems to be falling apart?

A few months ago, I decided to revamp my website. I updated information, deleted some things, and added new pieces. In the process, I observed that attending to the website is a reflection of the ongoing, everlasting situation of continuous evolution that is the story of my life. Yes, I am changing. Yes, I am doing some cool things. Yes, I am letting go of some things that need to be let go of. At the same time, I look at what is happening in the world right now and I have to confess that it is overwhelming. I wonder about the big things such as:

Who in the world am I?
What in the world am I doing?
Can I manage amidst all these weird events?
How do I continue to help people?

I asked these questions and answered with these major truths:
1. I am me. I always have been and always will be. My experiences that brought me to this place of “now” are mine to keep. I can own my life. I’m not going anywhere away from me.
2. I have gone through challenges. Yes, some catalysts. Yes, some atrocities. Yes, some painful things. Some of these things involve people I love. Pain happens. Life occurs. There are things out of my control.
3. I have met every single one of those challenges. Yes, I have grown because of catalysts. Yes, I have witnessed atrocities and made it through. Yes, I have healed from painful things. Yes, I have been with loved ones who are going through things. I have met things out of my control with something within my control.
4. What is this thing under my control? It is internal, a place of power within me, which generates health, healing, and balance. Here are some descriptors of the place and the feelings:

  • Heart (the center of my physical body)
  • Soul (the center of my everlasting spirit)
  • Immune system (regenerative power)
  • Gut feelings
  • Knowingness
  • Appropriateness
  • Restraint when it is time to restrain; action when it is time to act
  • Intuition

5. What can I do to maintain balance? Here are some activities that really help:

  • Trust
  • Breathe deep
  • Meditate
  • Sleep
  • Eat organic, plant-based food without white refined sugar
  • Practice yoga
  • Ask for Angel guidance
  • Smile
  • Connect with friends and family

As this new moon occurs and our planet is plunged into yet another earthquake, hurricane, fire, or whatever else can possibly happen, I depend on my place of power to find meaning. Maybe you are doing the same.

Would it help you to compile your own list? What is your place of power? Where is it in your body? What do you do for health, healing, and balance? Send me some feedback if you want. Hugs, Julia

Long Term Goals

Moon message FM September 2017

corneliaA number of years ago, I changed my diet and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It helped me reclaim my health but more importantly, it helped me overcome smoking addiction. Yea, self-disclosure here. I used to smoke. But not anymore. I am smoke free and have been since 1981! That’s a big deal.

When I changed my diet, I was so enthusiastic. I was so pure. I was determined never to put anything harmful into my body. No more animal foods, no more salt, and plenty of raw foods. When I heard about macrobiotics, with its emphasis on whole grains, beans, and vegetables, I fully embraced it. But then, I began to place additional rules on myself, such as limiting oil, balancing everything, or eating a specific brand of miso. My mind sought control, perfection, and correction of all my flaws from prior years of addiction and chaos.

Then, I met Cornellia.

Cornellia Aihara, a Japanese woman, was a master of macrobiotic cooking. She took me on as an apprentice for a year, and she taught me how to cook. I used salt. I used oil. I used animal foods. I learned major lessons in her kitchen, but the biggest thing she taught wasn’t culinary. It was a life lesson.

As I assisted in kitchen duties and preparation of foods, I watched Cornellia and wondered how she did it? How had she been able to maintain her lifestyle for so many years? What was her secret? Was it due to things she ate? Things she avoided?

She never elaborated on the details of how she was able to continue such a path. However, as I witnessed her, I gleaned three important lessons.

1. She was dedicated for life.
2. Food matters. Even though the types of food are important, she was flexible about “rules.” For example, she cooked rice, fish, and pie. She also went to restaurants and enjoyed a variety of cuisines.
3. Consistency matters. What happens over time is more important than worrying about perfecting each meal. Eating healthy food regularly is important, and it is helpful to take a day off once in awhile (in her case, she didn’t cook but went out to eat about 2 to 3 times a month).

Yea, having guidelines and at the same time, not being attached to those guidelines.

So how does this relate to this moon message?

Every month there are moons. They come and go. There are full moons and new moons. There are eclipses, hurricanes, and fires. A life is filled with moons, weather, seasons, and people. In the midst of it all, what are my goals?

Over the years, I have set many goals, but overall, there are three. I really have to salute my teacher, Cornellia, for her inspiration in these goals. 
1. I want to be healthy my whole life. 
2. It matters what I take in. Food, conversation, interactions, learning. I really like living and all the wonderful things that happen in our world. I really like people, and all the interesting things that people do. I really like my job and getting to help people. I really like learning and growing. 
3. It matters what I do on a regular basis. I like to exercise, meditate, write, cook, sleep, talk with others, and travel. Good habits make a difference. At the same time, being flexible is important. Sometimes I manage time very well and get many things done. Other times, less is accomplished.

Reflecting on life at these times of the moon is just like the moon itself, a reflection of the sun. The sun itself is the great star in the sky that enables life to exist on this planet. Yea, big concepts for a simple moon time.

Hugs, Julia

Solar eclipse 2017

Moon message NM August 2017


eclipse sunglassesOf course, you have heard of the full solar eclipse that is happening on Monday, August 21, 2017 (about 10 am Pacific Time) and which can be viewed in the continental United States. Of course, if you live in the United States, you are probably getting ready.

So today, I thought what I would do is share with you how I’m getting ready.

1. I got a massage today. Yup, time to relax.
2. I am getting ready to attend classes Monday morning at 8 am. Yup, I am starting graduate school and my first class is held during the time of the solar eclipse! It is scheduled from 8 am to 10:50 am.
3. I talked with some of my prospective classmates. We agreed we would ask the professor to hold class outside so we can view the eclipse. If the professor doesn’t agree, we plan on playing hooky.
4. I have purchased eclipse sunglasses. They are intended to be used.
5. I got my hair cut. Time to let go of the hair I didn’t need so I can view the eclipse without baggage.
6. I drank a beer tonight. It is simply hot and time to drink a beer. My drinking a beer actually has nothing to do with the eclipse and all about my getting relaxed and ready.
7. I plan on putting all my stones and crystals outside Sunday night so that they can be in the air Monday morning during the eclipse. Yup, I am superstitious. I like my stones and crystals to absorb good energy.
8. I am going to eat some peach pie.
9. I am going to bake a peach pie first.
10. I have already picked the peaches from my peach tree in the backyard. What does this have to do with the eclipse? I don’t know. Thought you might be interested.
11. I have read some cool information about the eclipse like how the sun, moon, and earth align. I am resisting the temptation to fill this moon message with scientific stuff.
12. I have read some interesting and odd information about superstitions about solar eclipses such as pregnant women should avoid them (who knows why?). I am resisting the temptation to fill this moon message with superstitions other than disclosing my personal actions.
13. I plan on having fun as I join many other people enjoying the solar eclipse.
14. Last, I want to remind you that solar eclipses happen almost every year. Even if they can't be viewed in the United States, they have significance. Maybe next year when it comes around, I’ll mention it and we can all raise our beers to it!

Light to you! Julia



Change, change, change

Moon message FM August 2017


lassen 1 0817Right now, so much is changing. The kids are out of the house and independent. My husband has retired. I am in graduate school and expanding my career. Not to mention, the environment is changing, and who knows what is happening in the state or nation!

Some changes are large, and some are small. Some are easy to embrace—yes, I embrace change—hurrah! Unfortunately, other changes are difficult. Yea, I also resist change. Is it possible to be one way or the other?

The other day I hiked in Mt. Lassen National Park. Mt. Lassen is a volcano that last erupted in 1915. Even though that eruption was about 100 years ago, in evolutionary history, this time is very recent. Before Mt. Lassen, there was another volcano in that area, named Mt. Tehama. Mt. Tehama formed during the Pleistocene age (2 million to about 12,000 years ago), and this volcano was larger than present day Mt. Lassen. Lassen stands about 10,500 feet high, but Mt. Tehama is estimated to have been over 11,000 feet high. Mt. Tehama was active for 200,000 years and eventually all the eruptions and flows caused such a decline that the volcano collapsed. Where the volcano used to be is now a huge caldera.

While hiking in the forest around Mt. Lassen, it occurred to me that I was walking in this caldera. Once upon a time, that land had been deep in the earth. I was hiking in a place that had once been under a volcano! It is such a beautiful place, with tall pines, high waterfalls, and calm lakes. While hiking, I meditated on how this land has evolved and all the changes involved. Sometimes the changes are small and unnoticed, such as when I walked and caused the gravel to shift. Other times the changes are large and dramatic as when Mt. Tehama blew and collapsed. When that happened, probably the landscape was barren and dry for many years until the forest reclaimed itself.

Change happens and precipitates evolution. The land changes, and in order to survive, plants and animals have to adapt. One change causes another change, like a ripple effect that has far-reaching conclusions. Without adaptation, things end. With adaptation, things grow.

There is an analogy for humans. I have been embracing macrobiotics for many years, which is a spiritual discipline that promotes eastern thought. I share two concepts from this philosophy that are relevant to this moon message. The first is, “Everything that has a front has a back.” The second is, “The bigger the front, the bigger the back.”

The front is that change is hard. The front is that change requires attention. The back is that change initiates evolution and growth. The back is that by acknowledging change and learning to adapt, a person matures. The back is that there is potential for progress in unforeseen ways.

Additionally, the larger and more dramatic the change, there is more potential for progress. When the change is huge, the evolution can be even more phenomenal. Big change equals big development.

In my meditations, I have come to understand something important. Sure, some changes are easy and fun. Other changes are challenging. My questions for myself are these: Is it possible that I can be at peace amidst all these changes? Can I learn what is needed? Can I approach the changes with presence and calm?

One perspective is that these years of profound change are more than adaption. These years are beyond simple evolution. These years provide an opportunity to grow in huge ways. While growth can happen physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, perhaps the biggest growth happens in the approach of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is elevation of consciousness that incorporates the feeling of internal peace regardless of the outward situation. Perhaps this is what is going on—there are so many changes because this is the time to cultivate peace and usher in enlightenment.

What do you think? Is it true for you—the bigger the change, the bigger the learning? Is this a time of enlightenment?

Peace. Julia 

For the love of life

Moon message FM July 2017

rose in hands

I love life.
I love the energy of nature, trees, water, sunlight, plants.
I love the energy of people, the joyous laughter, authentic connection, and simple pleasures of being human.
I love the energy of things, the tools I use to cook, the objects I have that surround me with beauty, the practical furniture and cars I own that help me live my life.

Yes, I love life.

At the same time, I have so much sorrow. Is it because I love so much? Is it because of all the chaos in the world right now? Is it because I see so much suffering?

In the last few months, I have cried so much. It has not been possible to blog any messages at these moon times. Please accept my apologies, but do not join in the excuse. Yes, I feel crushed by the relentless white patriarchy, supremacy, and corruption. Yes, I observe a side of humanity that is shocking. Yes, I feel powerless in the face of the overwhelming wave of negativity.

I am not alone. Millions of people are rising in opposition to the domination. Millions of people are being ignored, hurt, and killed because of speaking out. Millions of innocent women, children, and men are being told that they are worthless, ignorant, and alone.

How can a person cope, much less respond?

Today, I had a dream where I saw millions of colors. I saw thing after thing after thing (like trees, water, sunlight, people, tools, furniture, and cars), and its color arose out of it like a butterfly arising out of a cocoon. I felt renewed when I considered the meaning of this dream—there is a beautiful internal color of each thing. This color is the essence of its internal nature. This color is the color of love.

Yes, I love life. I really do. I feel a need to reaffirm this love of life and to share it with you. This is my tenet of living. This is my call to action. This is how I connect. This is how I witness.

Love is my tenet of life.
Love is my call to action.
Love is how I connect.
Love is how I witness.
Love is the message.

Whatever your position, whatever you understanding, please consider where you stand. Let love be the ruler here. Let love guide your actions. Let love be a base from where you speak. Let love help you connect. Let love fill your heart and enable you to be who you are.

We are in difficult times. There is tremendous chaos. There is anger. There is change. Love is needed now in tremendous forces, not as a way to idly sit by the sidelines, but to be the call to action. Love is active, not passive.

The great reformers of history—Jesus, Gandhi, King—dealt with difficulties. The political world opposed them and killed them. Even so, they ushered in changes in the outer world and the inner world. (Question—were they guided by love? I like to think so.) These leaders have died, but even so, they continue to motivate and inspire people. We can draw from their examples because we are living in similar times. Now, we are in the midst of another uprising. Now, we are in a time of change.

A place to start is to develop a spiritual practice. Maybe you meditate. Maybe you sing. Maybe you repeat mantras. Maybe you practice yoga or Qigong or martial arts. How do you cultivate internal strength? What do you do to understand yourself and your values? What is necessary to help you align with peace? Is there something you can do to activate your internal power? What is needed to be able to act from this core foundational position of this power?

Today, I witnessed that love is my power. Today, I stand in my power. Today, I declare my intention to align with the power of love. Today, I recommit to blogging these moon messages. Today, I dedicate myself to witnessing love, expressing love, and acting from a place of love.

Yes, this is my truth. Julia


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