For the love of life

Moon message FM July 2017

rose in hands

I love life.
I love the energy of nature, trees, water, sunlight, plants.
I love the energy of people, the joyous laughter, authentic connection, and simple pleasures of being human.
I love the energy of things, the tools I use to cook, the objects I have that surround me with beauty, the practical furniture and cars I own that help me live my life.

Yes, I love life.

At the same time, I have so much sorrow. Is it because I love so much? Is it because of all the chaos in the world right now? Is it because I see so much suffering?

In the last few months, I have cried so much. It has not been possible to blog any messages at these moon times. Please accept my apologies, but do not join in the excuse. Yes, I feel crushed by the relentless white patriarchy, supremacy, and corruption. Yes, I observe a side of humanity that is shocking. Yes, I feel powerless in the face of the overwhelming wave of negativity.

I am not alone. Millions of people are rising in opposition to the domination. Millions of people are being ignored, hurt, and killed because of speaking out. Millions of innocent women, children, and men are being told that they are worthless, ignorant, and alone.

How can a person cope, much less respond?

Today, I had a dream where I saw millions of colors. I saw thing after thing after thing (like trees, water, sunlight, people, tools, furniture, and cars), and its color arose out of it like a butterfly arising out of a cocoon. I felt renewed when I considered the meaning of this dream—there is a beautiful internal color of each thing. This color is the essence of its internal nature. This color is the color of love.

Yes, I love life. I really do. I feel a need to reaffirm this love of life and to share it with you. This is my tenet of living. This is my call to action. This is how I connect. This is how I witness.

Love is my tenet of life.
Love is my call to action.
Love is how I connect.
Love is how I witness.
Love is the message.

Whatever your position, whatever you understanding, please consider where you stand. Let love be the ruler here. Let love guide your actions. Let love be a base from where you speak. Let love help you connect. Let love fill your heart and enable you to be who you are.

We are in difficult times. There is tremendous chaos. There is anger. There is change. Love is needed now in tremendous forces, not as a way to idly sit by the sidelines, but to be the call to action. Love is active, not passive.

The great reformers of history—Jesus, Gandhi, King—dealt with difficulties. The political world opposed them and killed them. Even so, they ushered in changes in the outer world and the inner world. (Question—were they guided by love? I like to think so.) These leaders have died, but even so, they continue to motivate and inspire people. We can draw from their examples because we are living in similar times. Now, we are in the midst of another uprising. Now, we are in a time of change.

A place to start is to develop a spiritual practice. Maybe you meditate. Maybe you sing. Maybe you repeat mantras. Maybe you practice yoga or Qigong or martial arts. How do you cultivate internal strength? What do you do to understand yourself and your values? What is necessary to help you align with peace? Is there something you can do to activate your internal power? What is needed to be able to act from this core foundational position of this power?

Today, I witnessed that love is my power. Today, I stand in my power. Today, I declare my intention to align with the power of love. Today, I recommit to blogging these moon messages. Today, I dedicate myself to witnessing love, expressing love, and acting from a place of love.

Yes, this is my truth. Julia


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