Solar eclipse 2017

Moon message NM August 2017


eclipse sunglassesOf course, you have heard of the full solar eclipse that is happening on Monday, August 21, 2017 (about 10 am Pacific Time) and which can be viewed in the continental United States. Of course, if you live in the United States, you are probably getting ready.

So today, I thought what I would do is share with you how I’m getting ready.

1. I got a massage today. Yup, time to relax.
2. I am getting ready to attend classes Monday morning at 8 am. Yup, I am starting graduate school and my first class is held during the time of the solar eclipse! It is scheduled from 8 am to 10:50 am.
3. I talked with some of my prospective classmates. We agreed we would ask the professor to hold class outside so we can view the eclipse. If the professor doesn’t agree, we plan on playing hooky.
4. I have purchased eclipse sunglasses. They are intended to be used.
5. I got my hair cut. Time to let go of the hair I didn’t need so I can view the eclipse without baggage.
6. I drank a beer tonight. It is simply hot and time to drink a beer. My drinking a beer actually has nothing to do with the eclipse and all about my getting relaxed and ready.
7. I plan on putting all my stones and crystals outside Sunday night so that they can be in the air Monday morning during the eclipse. Yup, I am superstitious. I like my stones and crystals to absorb good energy.
8. I am going to eat some peach pie.
9. I am going to bake a peach pie first.
10. I have already picked the peaches from my peach tree in the backyard. What does this have to do with the eclipse? I don’t know. Thought you might be interested.
11. I have read some cool information about the eclipse like how the sun, moon, and earth align. I am resisting the temptation to fill this moon message with scientific stuff.
12. I have read some interesting and odd information about superstitions about solar eclipses such as pregnant women should avoid them (who knows why?). I am resisting the temptation to fill this moon message with superstitions other than disclosing my personal actions.
13. I plan on having fun as I join many other people enjoying the solar eclipse.
14. Last, I want to remind you that solar eclipses happen almost every year. Even if they can't be viewed in the United States, they have significance. Maybe next year when it comes around, I’ll mention it and we can all raise our beers to it!

Light to you! Julia




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