Long Term Goals

Moon message FM September 2017

corneliaA number of years ago, I changed my diet and it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It helped me reclaim my health but more importantly, it helped me overcome smoking addiction. Yea, self-disclosure here. I used to smoke. But not anymore. I am smoke free and have been since 1981! That’s a big deal.

When I changed my diet, I was so enthusiastic. I was so pure. I was determined never to put anything harmful into my body. No more animal foods, no more salt, and plenty of raw foods. When I heard about macrobiotics, with its emphasis on whole grains, beans, and vegetables, I fully embraced it. But then, I began to place additional rules on myself, such as limiting oil, balancing everything, or eating a specific brand of miso. My mind sought control, perfection, and correction of all my flaws from prior years of addiction and chaos.

Then, I met Cornellia.

Cornellia Aihara, a Japanese woman, was a master of macrobiotic cooking. She took me on as an apprentice for a year, and she taught me how to cook. I used salt. I used oil. I used animal foods. I learned major lessons in her kitchen, but the biggest thing she taught wasn’t culinary. It was a life lesson.

As I assisted in kitchen duties and preparation of foods, I watched Cornellia and wondered how she did it? How had she been able to maintain her lifestyle for so many years? What was her secret? Was it due to things she ate? Things she avoided?

She never elaborated on the details of how she was able to continue such a path. However, as I witnessed her, I gleaned three important lessons.

1. She was dedicated for life.
2. Food matters. Even though the types of food are important, she was flexible about “rules.” For example, she cooked rice, fish, and pie. She also went to restaurants and enjoyed a variety of cuisines.
3. Consistency matters. What happens over time is more important than worrying about perfecting each meal. Eating healthy food regularly is important, and it is helpful to take a day off once in awhile (in her case, she didn’t cook but went out to eat about 2 to 3 times a month).

Yea, having guidelines and at the same time, not being attached to those guidelines.

So how does this relate to this moon message?

Every month there are moons. They come and go. There are full moons and new moons. There are eclipses, hurricanes, and fires. A life is filled with moons, weather, seasons, and people. In the midst of it all, what are my goals?

Over the years, I have set many goals, but overall, there are three. I really have to salute my teacher, Cornellia, for her inspiration in these goals. 
1. I want to be healthy my whole life. 
2. It matters what I take in. Food, conversation, interactions, learning. I really like living and all the wonderful things that happen in our world. I really like people, and all the interesting things that people do. I really like my job and getting to help people. I really like learning and growing. 
3. It matters what I do on a regular basis. I like to exercise, meditate, write, cook, sleep, talk with others, and travel. Good habits make a difference. At the same time, being flexible is important. Sometimes I manage time very well and get many things done. Other times, less is accomplished.

Reflecting on life at these times of the moon is just like the moon itself, a reflection of the sun. The sun itself is the great star in the sky that enables life to exist on this planet. Yea, big concepts for a simple moon time.

Hugs, Julia


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