Lessons from Trump

Moon message October 2017

trumpHello friends, my heart has been aching for over a year. I feel so much for people who are suffering, and there is so much going on! From hurricanes to fires to injustice, there is widespread affliction. For me, I need daily meditation to stabilize, calm my mind, and feel a sense of peace. This morning, I meditated on President Trump and discovered three important lessons. Perhaps these ideas will help you too.

First. President Trump is one of the most important teachers we will have in our lifetime. My personal feelings aside, it is said that the greatest teacher is the one who causes you to grow the most. This seems to be a time for many people to observe and clarify some important things. We are being asked to pay attention, and when we pay attention, we grow.

Here are the personal questions. How are you reacting to current events? What are your values? How do you feel about other races, genders, immigrants, the underserved, and the underprivileged? What do you feel is right? Good? Honest? Do you agree with things going on? Disagree? Why? Are you getting involved in any way?

Learn about your values. Pay attention to when other people exhibit similar values. When you witness these values in others, know that these are the people to align with.

Second. President Trump is helping us ponder the worse cast scenarios. This is very good because it helps us to clarify our values and encourages us to take care of things like never before.

Here are personal questions. What will you do if your health insurance is taken away? How will you keep yourself healthy? What will you do if the economy collapses? If a world war begins? If the infrastructure collapses? How will you manage? Who do you connect with? Who do you support and who supports you? Now is not the time to complain, but to consider and perhaps plan for these contingencies. Do what is in your power to claim your health and your financial situation. Now is not the time to be extravagant.

Third. President Trump is alerting us to the inequalities in the United States. This is a good time to reevaluate messages that circulate about success and happiness. The American dream is that if you work hard enough and have the appropriate mindset then you will be successful. However, now this idea is altered to mean if you have money, status, the correct skin color and gender, then if you work hard enough and have the appropriate mindset, then you will be successful.

Here are personal questions: What is the power of your mind when the outer world devalues you? How can you use your thinking to help you? Does this advice need to be updated about the meaning of success?

How is it possible to maintain hope, courage, and positive thinking? I know from personal experience that success doesn’t hinge on magical thinking. You can’t just wish yourself to success. But you can determine your values and from there, determine what it is to do. What is in your power to do? What really matters to you?

For me, health matters. Integrity matters. Connection with other people matters. Courage matters. Meditation matters. Friendship matters. Ethics matter. Unconditional love matters. Not putting up with BS matters. Sending moon messages matters.

I leave you now with this conclusion. I believe in the power of love. This is my value. Julia


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