Happy New Year 2018

Moon message January 2018

angel new year 2018Another year and the calendar turns. On we go, living, loving, and learning. What makes you smile as you look ahead? What has your attention?

My life is changing rapidly. My children are growing and out of the house, I am expanding my knowledge and career by being in graduate school, and my community and country are in the midst of huge unknowns. What will this year bring? Can I maintain hope? Can I envision a year with leaps of growth or merely leaps of faith?

As I look ahead to 2018, I send a message of kindness to all of you. As you know, I value angels in my life and I spend time in meditation thinking about them surrounding me. This morning, I had an opportunity to cry. I cried for the year 2017 and how it shattered a number of bubbles for me. The biggest bubble is that spirituality is not naiveté. Spirituality is not a way to wish for magic happiness or that by simply thinking life is good that everything else will fall into place. No, spirituality involves an honest observation on life, on what my values are, and on how to derive meaning from the events that are going on. By such reflection, it is possible to look at life and humbly acknowledge that there are things within my power to control and there are many things out of my personal power.

I blew a bubble today, letting go of magical spirituality.

At the same time, I had to let go of some harshness. It sure seems that the world is crazy and cruel. It sure seems that chaos and fear rule. It sure is easy to envision worst-case scenarios. These ideas hurt. Brutal reality saps life energy. How is it possible to retain any semblance of spirituality among such negativity?

I sat in meditation. I cried. I long for the days of thinking of angels and being in bliss. And then, an idea came. An idea of peace. An idea of hope. An idea of what I can do. An idea that has come before and is still helpful and relevant. What is this? Actually, it is an idea that has two parts. What are these two parts?

Prayer and fasting.

Fasting is staying within one’s limits, such as eating and drinking appropriate types and quantities of food. Fasting also involves appropriate activities, from sleeping to celebrating. Prayer is deep reflection and observation, such as honestly assessing what is working and what isn’t. Prayer involves a spiritual practice, such as meditation or yoga or an energy practice, such as Reiki or QiGong. Prayer is contemplation and paying attention to the inner process. Sure, it can involve angels and deities and other sources of inspiration and enlightenment.

I leave you with this message of moving into 2018. Maintain hope. Carry on with those practices that bring health and vitality. Avoid naiveté as well as harshness.

I reach out to you with kindness and ask you to take the steps into the New Year with me, arm in arm, hand in hand, peace aligned with peace. Julia  


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