Happy New Year January 2019

Moon message January 2019

happy new year 2019Hello friends. Happy New Year to you. I wish you peace and prosperity in 2019, along with opportunities to learn, live, and grow.

For me, this year has been long, challenging, and fulfilling. Without the great difficulties, I wouldn’t be where I am today. As I share with you some of what is going on for me, I also highlight some of the practices that have helped through this year. I hope these ideas can be of use for you too.

To recap this year, I am in the middle of graduate school, as I am studying at the University of California, Chico, to achieve my Master’s Degree in psychology with the goal of acquiring a license as a Marriage Family Therapist in California. I aspire to combine my hypnotherapy practice with my future therapy practice and integrate my spiritual values through all the counseling. In the meantime, I am living day by day, and growing through the challenges of the times.

What a year!  While I am full time during the school year in grad school, this summer, I was full time present for the passing of my mother. For three weeks, I stayed in her home and witnessed her strength and love as she prepared to die. She suffered a massive stroke that left her speechless. I visited her in the hospital every day and spent time talking with her, singing to her, and sending her loving thoughts and prayers. I cherish this summer for the healing energy for her, for my family, and for me.

The third big event this year has been the Camp Fire. I live 30 minutes from Paradise, California, which experienced a horrendous wildfire in November, 2018. My friends have lost their homes, and my neighboring town has lost its community. Even so, my part of California has gained a sense of some of those things that are important—people, lives, connection, hope, faith, and resilience. I am grieving so much and at the same time, celebrating so much. Loss happens. Gratitude happens too.

As the New Year approaches, I contemplate my own journey. I love these moon messages and miss sending them every two weeks. Even though I haven’t sent them to you this last year, I receive messages all the time. With this New Year’s message, I reflect on what these moon messages mean for me—a connection with values, with spirituality, and with the passage of time. They also represent a connection with you, the reader. I truly value that there are people who value spirituality as much as I do.

As this year 2019 begins, I remind myself of the practices that sustain me. Along with these ideas are suggestions for how to incorporate these daily practices.

1. Daily meditation. I spend time each day in quiet thought to rejuvenate, cleanse, ground and prepare for the day ahead. Even if I have only 5 minutes, it is enough. The most simple meditation is to count the breath. Here is the practice: Find a quiet place without interruption (the car works), adopt a healthy posture, and close the eyes. Breathe in and out with long slow inhales and exhales, and count backwards with each exhale. When I begin with 100 and count to 1, it takes about 25 minutes. At this rate, 20 breaths needs about 5 minutes. So I estimate that I can give myself 10 breaths almost anytime. And I always take a deep breath before doing a presentation, that takes only a moment!

2. Journaling. Meditation is an opportunity to release stress. Often, the tension leaves the physical muscles and then a peaceful feeling comes. Sometimes there are special perceptions. When they occur, I write them down. I love the insights that come during the 5 minute meditations too! Here is the practice: Carry a small notepad in the bag and take a moment to write down these messages. Keep a longer journal when time allows.

3. Observation. Every day, there are wonderful surprises that occur in the world around me. Perhaps I see certain colors, plants, animals, or words. Sometimes these things repeat. One day while walking on campus, I noticed a number of women with their hair braided into two braids, an uncommon hairstyle right now. Other times, I have seen yellow butterflies. My latest viewing has been purple cars—two yesterday, and one the day before! Weird I know, but delightful nonetheless. Here is the practice: Pay attention to interesting phenomena that show up. Enjoy the signs when they occur.

4. Manifestation. Somedays I intentionally ask for messages. Perhaps I ask to see colors. Perhaps I ask for an answer to a question. Once I walked past a for-sale sign that read, “No, this house isn’t haunted.” That was really unusual, because I was wondering if the client I had just worked with was experiencing a ghost. I love when these signs manifest because they remind me that my spiritual guides are with me. Here is the practice: Ask for signs, symbols, messages, etc. to appear. In addition, experiment with how to ask for these things to manifest. Does it help to ask generally (Can I receive something uplifting today, please?) or specific (I wonder if I’ll see a yellow taxi in the next 10 minutes?).

5. Intuition. Honestly and humbly, I seek to listen to my little voice. Here are some examples of what it says, “I really want to drink some green tea today.” “I want one cookie, not two.” “It’s time to go to bed now!” I honestly try to hear what it says and act on it. I humbly acknowledge that I don’t often go to bed on time, but that I would probably be better off if I do. On the positive side, I usually listen to my voice and get my homework done. Here is the practice: Pay attention to what that inner voice is saying. Act on the advice. Notice the benefits of heading the attention.

6. Goals. I tend to set seasonal goals, that is, goals with a certain time in mind. For example, I have daily goals and weekly goals. I have goals for the month of January before the next semester begins. It makes sense to align goals for a cycle. For the winter, I like to eat soup, so I have a goal of cooking soups for the next few months. During winter break, I have goals of soaking in a hot spring, attending yoga class twice a week, and reading Game of Thrones. Here is the practice: Look ahead to the next opportune window of time. What do I want to do? Is it realistic? Can I manage it? What are the details to get it done?

I leave you with this message for the New Year of love, peace, light, and blessings. Adonai. Julia 


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